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Secure IT Infrastructure Solutions
(VPN + i-Server + i-Fax + Video Conference + HRM)

Nowadays, selecting and adopting information technology to increase enterprise productivity and market competitiveness is the very first agenda of every business. One fundamental consideration of effectively leveraging information technology to closely communicate with your business partner or employees is to build a secure and reliable infrastructure.This solution is strategically focus on high security, reliability and expandability design to suite for enterprise needs.


How !?

To use our products :

Use either i-Router(s) or i-Server(s) to build up one secure VPN channel between two offices.
Use i-Server for accessing your company data, files, web pages or emails from any place of world.
Use i-Fax System for sending or receiving fax at anywhere.
Use i-Office System to work together and closely with all colleagues between offices in anywhere.
Use i-Account System to handle all financial related stuffs such as online quotation ...etc
Use VoIP Gateways to connect the phone system between two offices in order to save the IDD fee for both voice conference & fax communication.
Use Video Conference system for meeting or presentation to save the air-ticket fee & your time.
Use SmartCard / FingerPrint and remote HRM system to monitor staffs' time attendance.

Either i-Router or i-Server use industry leading SSH technology to encrypt all corporate data through Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN). i-Router/i-Server is 1st high-speed router/server using 1024bit encrytion for VPN tunnelling!! This will provide high confident to corporate users to securely access or retrieve data anytime, anywhere in the world.


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