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Linux Festival Essentials
(SME & eMarketing Solution Seminar)

07 July, 2003, Tuesday

Presentation Content

Mr. Tohru Takahashi (CTO) in right side & Mr. Steve Nacarlo (CEO) are starting speech for our company on Linux Festival.

Mr. Steve Nacarlo (CEO) in left side & Mr. Tohru Takahashi (CTO) are doing introduction of IntraUnited Group on Linux Festival.

Presentation for Secure Linux IT Infrastructure Plus Next Generation Business Appliances by Mr. Steve Nacarlo (CEO) in right side & Mr. Toru Takahashi (CTO).

Mr. Steve Nacarlo (CEO) is presenting our Secure IT Infrastructure Solutions.

The event holder is issuing one festival flag to our company for "thank you" after our speech.

Awarded with one festival flag by the event holders.

Top Management Members of IntraUnited Group

Members of IntraUnited Group.

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