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Specially for the Secure IT Infrastructure Solutions

Nowadays, selecting and adopting information technologyto incresase enterprise productivity and market competitiveness is the very first agenda of every business. One fundamental consideration of effectively leveraging information technology to closely communicate with your business partner or employees is to build a secure and reliable infrastructure. i-Server solution is strategically focus on high security, reliability and expandability design to suite for enterprise needs.

Solution Highlights

Reliable and high performance
i-Server uses workstation grade UNIX operating system Linux as its core to eliminate unnecessary system hang-up and always maintain high system performance.

Highly secure data access or retrieval
i-Server uses industry leading SSH technology to encrypt all corporate data pass through Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will provide high confident to corporate users to securely access or retrieve data anytime, anywhere in the world.

Internet security protection
i-Server intrusion detection system and Internet firewall will proactively monitor your corporate internal network and filer out any suspicious hacking or intrusion activities to prevent corporate information espionage.

Easy to manage all-in-one solution
i-Server already equipped with fundamental IT infrastructure components such as router, firewall, file server, groupware messaging software and electronic fax send/receive and broadcasting, etc. It save your time to integrate and manage different complex sub-systems.

Cost Effective
i-Server is specially designed to take the advantages of Open Source, it save huge investment on software license.


i-Server Special Features :

1. Automatic eMarketing and electronic message delivery engine.


Hacker monitoring system easily detects any hacking activities and automatically response instantly.


Macintosh & Windows Server emulation function enables Macintosh users to exchange, share and print files among Windows users.


Virtual office groupware system, use any Internet browser can easily manage the e-mail account and time schedule.
5. Enhanced Web file service provides easy to use file management Web interface.


Multi-protocol support including Microsoft PPTP, SSH, and IPSec protocol and provide Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Forward and clustering functions.



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